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What People Say About Working With Curtis

David Ask
CEO at Quorum Global

“Curtis understands that consistency is key but also that life is messy and fluid.  I love how he tailors a program and the coaching around the person and their individual desires, likes, dislikes etc.  I also always feel supported, challenged and not judged.”

Dr. Andy Garrett
Founder at AG Thrive

"Curtis absolutely embodies everything you should be looking for in a coach. It is abundantly clear that he has done the work himself and he has an undeniable passion to help people holistically. Working with him improved my business, my relationships and my spiritual life and continues to light a fire under me to this day!"

David Ash
Founder at Aspen Law

Working with Curtis has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.  Curtis has a unique ability to help me see and pull out the gifts, talents and God given desires that are already inside of me.  That paired with a gift of building structure, organization and culture makes Curtis a dynamic and impactful coach, mentor and advisor.

Evan Pettrey
Owner at Converge Local

Curtis did a full-day workshop with my team + a speaking engagement for our community. He went to great lengths to identify exactly what I wanted out of the event to custom tailor an experience that would make a lasting impact on my team and our leadership. This was a great investment in myself and my company and we look forward to bringing Curtis back in for more workshops in the future!