My Story
Brain Surgery and Puberty. Exciting.

This seems like a good place to start this timeline. At 13 years old, I had an aneurism in my brain and had to have surgery. 3 weeks after the surgery, I broke my nose in a street football game when I wasn't supposed to leave the house. I thought my mom was going to kill me.

Mom and me after surgery
Big Ant Gets Cancer

I'm 5'4 and white. My best friend is 6'9 and black. We look funny together. Anyway, at 18 years old while Anthony was playing D1 basketball, I was smoking a bunch of weed and thinking about getting rich. We lived different lives but we always kept in touch. He weighed 260 pounds when he was diagnosed with leukemia. After his bone marrow transplant, he got down below 135! This consumed a lot of my life and all of his. He taught me that true faith produces joy that isn't determined by circumstance and that family has nothing to do with blood. Anthony is now married to a tall blonde Swede. Just like me.

Anthony in his lunch lady hat just before one of dozens of surgeries.
In Steps Jesus

In Anthony's basement, I surrendered my life to Jesus. I had been in network marketing and seen so many people with deep pockets and shallow souls. I was just beginning to realize that getting rich and traveling the world wasn't the point of this life.

This was mission trip to Honduras a few months after I surrendered. I spent my last $500 to go.
New Money

I had been in network marketing and insurance for a few years and gone completely broke. Around 2014 I started making some money for the first time in my life. I started traveling and speaking in different places. I seemed to be on the track that I had wanted to be on, but I still felt that there was a void in me when I was focused on this work. I was looking for something more.

Thailand, March 2014 with baby tigers.
Hillsong College and a Swede

After some crazy answered prayer and a clear next step, I found myself inn Sydney Australia in 2015. I was set to study at Hillsong College while still running my business. This trip consisted of incredible spiritual growth, kissing a baby kangaroo on the mouth, spiders the size of my fist, an obsession with culture, a bigger obsession with great coffee, life long friendships and recruiting the hottest Swede in the world to come back to America with me.

Mathilda was cleaning her shoe after stepping in dog poop on the beach. So we saw a photo opp. This was the first day we went to find kangaroos. We were successful.
Wedding and Church Plant Prep

I proposed in Sweden and she said yes. When I got back to the States, we got set to plant a church (which was delayed for 7 months due to the county) and start our lives together. We were married that November.

The Full Story
Surprise proposal in Sweden
Planting Church and Delays

1000 delays came our way when planning the church. The county officials had some unfinished business with the building that we bought and they made sure we felt it. The church started with about 60 people and grew to 500 by the time COVID hit in 2020.

FINALLY getting our U&O permit on July 4th weekend. We couldn't wait any longer so we launched that Sunday.
Helping Hands

We were adamant about finding the gaps in the community and mobilizing the people OF the community INTO the community. Helping Hands started their own 501c3, mobilized upwards of 50 volunteers, started a transitional house for homeless, started a food pantry and a mobile food kitchen and during COVID served about 400,000 pounds of food to families in need.

The very first Helping Hands event at the Farming 4 Hunger Farm in Southern Maryland.
Part 1: First Baby, First Book, First Marathon

COVID hit, and our daughter was born. That year was an incredible year for us of family, closeness with God and a renewed focus. This was the year I completed the Millennial Manifesto and ran an impromptu marathon, (which was incredibly painful).

My Tita (Lebanese for Grandmother) ready to catch the baby that Mathilda was about to force out in record time.
Part 2: New Role, New Company, New Mission

I handed the church off to other pastors, officially started my coaching company and began to focus solely on the spiritual and leadership development for our network of churches.

Hosting at Mobilize the Church Conference in Maryland
Sold it. #RVLife

Shortly after taking on the new role we decided to sell our house, get a 5th wheel to renovate so that we could travel the country helping churches reach their communities and planting and strengthening house churches.

This was towards the end of the renovation, just before COVID derailed our travel plans.
Brother Murdered. Second Marathon.

I received a text telling my that my brother and wife were murdered and their 10 year old son was shot 4 times. I had a marathon scheduled for that Saturday and founnd myself preaching a sermon  on forgiveness that Sunday (that had been scheduled months prior). What a week...

How God moved the week my brother was killed.
Second Book. New Company.

We (Rev. Mike Hilson and I) launched Freedom Hill Consulting Company to help churches develop leadership in their congregations and make an impact in their communities. To go along with the mission of helping churches reach their communities, we wrote a book called "The E Word" on the history and future of evangelism.

The E Word, An Evangelistic Manifesto.
California, here we come

Well now we have a mission with the renovated card-board box and an extra baby on board. We are heading to California for the winter of 2022-2023 to work with OCNWTR and their church planting mission. They plan churches in coffee shops and Jiu Jitsu gyms and they focus on getting clean water to people that don't have regular access to it. Pretty cool. Here we go!

In Sweden with the squad.
To Be Continued...