The Oasis Project

THere was no separation between church and business.

We exist to fill that gap and shift culture in the process.

SUR Coffee, cafe and roastery, seen with a Christian community gathered inside.
where everything started

our journey of discovery

In 2020 I stepped out of my role as pastor of a growing church and focused on leadership development for our pastors and congregations while working with businesses to help them scale and build up their teams.

Curtis and Matilda Hunnicutt, with their kids.

Ultimately, we desire to see a missional church planting movement in the United States and Sweden. We faced many questions as we trekked across the country:

What model of church planting produced the greatest results in the past?

Can a church be COVID and government-proof?

How do you build a church planting movement without it’s own structure getting in the way of itself?

Curtis's truck and mobile home during their cross country trip. Picture taken somewhere in southern california.

During this transition, my wife and I renovated a 5th wheel, loaded up our toddler and infant and just about everything left that we owned and headed west to spend time with friends who were using an ancient church model in a modern culture.

Olivia approves of Liquid Death, seen relaxing in the desert with her feet propped up on a cooler, with a large can of Liquid Death by her side.
Curtis and his daughter sitting around a campfire. She's hanging on his back with her arms in a tight hug around his neck.

passionate leaders lack the resources to multiply and sustain life change in the communities they serve

We saw gatherings in RV parks and on beaches. We watched young people ministering to the homeless in parks and listened to stories of life transformation in coffee shops and Jiu Jitsu gyms. We spent time with people who work to take care of their families and give nearly all of their spare money away to people in need.

So the question we were asking was, how can we serve them?

We were blown away by what we found

These leaders spend their time, energy and money on preaching the Gospel and developing missions to help the marginalized that don’t have means to help themselves. While we were in California, we saw painfully obvious needs that would be required to dump fuel on the fire that’s already begun to spread.

Curtis and his daughter praying over a church leader
What does business have to do with it?

God uses business to expand the church.

We realized that there are so many businesses providing excellent products and services who also desire to make a significant Kingdom impact. Some are already in the game others are searching for the best way to serve.

In Jeremiah, there's a command for Israel to, "Increase in number there; do not decrease. Also, seek the peace and the prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile." 

Peace and prosperity. There is a biblical mandate to create value and serve, and businesses play a pivotal role in that process. Business owners innovate, they solve problems, they take risks and lead.

On this journey, we realized our part of our role is to help make disciples in the marketplace, and for the marketplace.

Success stories

What some of our partners say about us

"From the moment he took the stage, it was clear that Curtis was in a league of his own."

Curtis displayed a remarkable ability to distill complex ideas into relatable anecdotes, leaving a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to be in the room. Curtis brought a word from God’s word that was spot on with the theme of the event.

What truly set Curtis apart, though, was his genuine passion for his craft. It was evident in every word he spoke, every gesture he made. His enthusiasm was infectious, and it created an electric atmosphere that lingered long after the event had concluded. Needless to say I signed Curtis on the spot for our next live event.

Aaron Walker - Founder of View from the Top
Aaron Walker
Founder of View from the Top

"Curtis went to great lengths to custom tailor an experience that would make a lasting impact on my team."

Curtis did a full-day workshop with my team and a speaking engagement for our community. He went to great lengths to identify exactly what I wanted out of the event to custom tailor an experience that would make a lasting impact on my team and our leadership. This was a great investment in myself and my company and we look forward to bringing Curtis back in for more workshops in the future!

Evan Pettrey - Owner at Converge Local
Evan Pettrey
Owner at Converge Local

"Curtis is amazing at listening to you cast your vision and helping you condense it down to attainable goals."

Since working with Curtis I have been able to really key in on what I want my business to look like and be able to hire and put the right people in place to help me be on the correct path to achieving my goals. He has a great knack for helping you create a vision of your desired goals and put a plan in place to get there.  And not only create a map, but help keep you on task to get there.

Ti Gardner - Owner at Garner Construction Group
Ti Garner
Owner at Garner
Construction group

"Curtis understands that consistency is key but also that life is messy and fluid."

I love how he tailors a program and the coaching around the person and their individual desires, likes, dislikes etc. I also always feel supported, challenged and not judged.

David Ask - CEO at Quorum Global
David Ask
CEO at Quorum Global

"Curtis absolutely embodies everything you should be looking for in a coach."

It is abundantly clear that he has done the work himself and he has an undeniable passion to help people holistically. Working with him improved my business, my relationships and my spiritual life and continues to light a fire under me to this day!

Headshot of Dr. Andy Garrett - Founder at AG Thrive
Dr. Andy Garrett
Founder at AG Thrive

"Working with Curtis has been one of the greatest blessings in my life."

Curtis has a unique ability to help me see and pull out the gifts, talents and God given desires that are already inside of me. That paired with a gift of building structure, organization and culture makes Curtis a dynamic and impactful coach, mentor and advisor.

Curtis Hunnicutt and his daughter sitting around a campfire
David Ash
Founder at Aspen Law


The Oasis Project grows leaders and puts businesses on Mission for the expansion and sustainability of the missional church movement across the US and Europe.

We grow leaders

We provide resources, training and development from practitioners in business and the missional church movement.

We get businesses on mission

We partner businesses with mission by finding solutions for meeting spaces , funding for sustainable mission projects and opportunities for leaders to generate their own income while serving the community.

We start and develop churches

Whether starting a church in a Jiu-jitsu gym, a coffee shop, a park or a living room, our aim is to support these Jesus followers for whatever people group they are aiming to serve.


Leaders Developing
Churches on Mission
Businesses on Mission
Countries Impacted

Examples of the church in action

Shepherd's Tent

“Shepherd’s Tent is a teaching ministry based out of in-home fellowship. We gather together every Saturday as well as on the Lords Holy Days to fellowship in spirit and truth. Since May of 2023 we have had 15+ baptisms. Our inward ministry focus is in building up, edifying and equipping those we come across so they can use their spiritual gifting by God to fulfill their calling, mature in faith and bear fruit. Our outward ministry focus currently involves supporting 6 orphaned children in Zambia. Through the Zambia Messianic Fellowship(ZMF) we are able to financially support children through school and housing as well as being fed and clothed.” - Tim Strijaous, September 6, 2023

Sacramento, CA
Tim Strijaous
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Poiema Movement

"We provide a safe place to live, case management services, restorative groups, assistance in obtaining employment, mentorship, and a strong community of support. Our sober living homes are a peaceful refuge for women in recovery."

Waldorf, MD
Tiffany Barber
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Randy Ishida

Since Randy's cancer diagnosis in 2020, he has help start 79 small local churches in Kenya! Some of these people had never heard the name of Jesus before and now these small, powerful communities are transforming the culture around them.

Randy Ishida
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Gathering of Nomads

Shane an his family travel the country in a 5th wheel and build relationships around camp fires in RV Parks. They are seeing people come to Jesus and then Shane and his team help them to start their own RV ministries (that they call "chapters"). They are reaching people who are far from any church community and likely not to step foot into a church building.

ANy Rv park
Shane Boyd
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Brown's Pressure Washing

Brown's Pressure Washing partners with kingdom builders in making disciples and serving the city through "Planting a Business". They provide opportunity for Jesus followers to produce income and serve their communities. We are providing training and coaching for these pastors.

Nashville, tn
Joshua brown
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OCNTWTR started a network of 40 intentionally small churches comprised of about 1100 people in 6 countries. These gatherings are led by volunteers, dedicated to providing fresh water to communities in need and introducing people to the living water Jesus offers.

Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Delamater
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